Nu-Tech has been a local market early adopter and supporter of single-ply thermoplastic roof membranes. These materials, done correctly, are extremely durable. The advantages of these systems are their very labour efficient application processes and very heat safe application processes – no torches or hot asphalt adhesives are used. These materials are large area sheet membranes that use hot air welding technology to seal their seams. They can be installed with adhesives, held down with ballast, or, most popularly, mechanically attached.

For cost effectiveness these materials are most appropriate for large and simple roofs that are a relatively simple layout and have relatively few curbs or penetrations. The more complicated (cut-up) or detailed the roof the less labour efficiency advantage gained compared with other roof system options.

Due to their uniform smooth finish these roofs are often used for reflective “cool” roof finishes as they start brighter and stay cleaner over time than other surfaces.

For a complicated roof with aesthetic considerations these roofs may become more costly than other alternatives but they do provide a unique very clean and smooth finish.