SBS Modified Bitumen roof membrane systems are the work horse of the modern roofing industry. These systems are the modern evolution of the asphalt and felt (tar & gravel) traditional flat roofing technology. Where the traditional asphalt and felt systems failed to provide long term durability SBS modified bitumen systems excel. These systems utilize modern material technology to provide excellent durability. Reinforcement that previously comprised relatively weak organic asphalt “felts” has been replaced with inorganic fiberglass, polyester , or composite fiberglass/polyester materials. Reinforcements that are very strong and not affected by moisture. Traditional roofing asphalt has been replaced by high grade bitumens with rubber polymers introduced to provide long term flexibility and durability. Traditional 4 or 5 ply roofs are now 1 or 2 ply. 15-20 yr lifespans are now 25-30 yr.

Nu-Tech utilizes these systems for exposed and protected roof membrane assemblies, green roof assemblies, landscape decks over parking structures, and planters.