At Nu-Tech Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd.we can provide “green roof” options. Green Roofs are assembled to minimize the environmental impact of the roof foot print on the local environment. These roofs are often also called “Cool” roofs as the primary goal is not just the effect on the building being roofed but to reduce the urban heat island effect typically associated with dark asphalt roof membranes. These “cool” roofs can be achieved by either constructing a roof assembly provides a natural vegetative landscape or else by providing a highly reflective roof surface. Either approach greatly minimizes the “urban heat island” effect. All suppliers we work with offer excellent and durable green roof options.

Beyond the goal of a “cool” roof there are other factors that are basic to our Company operations philosophy that help reduce the environmental impact of our operations. To complete the benefit analysis of a “green roof” one must take into consideration:

– what is the energy cost of the manufacture of the roofing materials?
– what is the energy used to transport the materials to the jobsite?
– what is the energy used to install the roof materials?
– what is the life cycle energy cost?
Is the roof system durable?
How often does it require replacement?
– if the roof required replacement can the roof system be salvaged, overlaid, recycled?
– if the roof system cannot be salvaged how much landfill materal is created?
– if the roof system cannot be salvaged how much energy is used to remove and transport disposal materials?
– etc?

North Vancouver – “Cool Roof”
Shaugnessy – Green Roof Installation